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With Covid-19 triggering lockdowns across the globe, the idea of booking a vacation right now seems like nothing more than a fantasy. However, planning a trip can really help lift the mood and prevent those stay at home blues. For those seeking inspiration, check out the following four essential destinations for an unforgettable travel experience.

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The Eternal City is practically seen as an open-air museum, with breathtaking sights located around every corner. Ancient masterpieces, such as the Pantheon and the Colosseum, line the atmospheric avenues alongside cozy cafes, mouth-watering restaurants, and top-notch shopping venues.

New Zealand

The country is simply overflowing with natural beauty, particularly in the South Island, where the spectacular scenery remains relatively untouched. Snow-capped mountains, majestic fjords, and untamed forests are the obvious draws. Still, New Zealand also offers fascinating culture, great wine, endless adventures for adrenaline junkies, and above all, a warm welcome.

Bora Bora

Those dreaming of tropical bliss should set their sights on the ultimate beach paradise of Bora Bora. This stunning island in French Polynesia boasts everything you could need for a relaxing getaway, from white sands to lush valleys and pristine waters.


Known as “The Land of Ice and Fire,” Iceland certainly lives up to its name. Mystical pink skies, glacial lakes, geothermal baths, towering volcanoes, and ice beaches combine with the country’s crowning glory, the Northern Lights, to create jaw-dropping landscapes sure to leave a lasting impression.